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The ‘Ritual Sequence of Yoga’ ~ Origins of Postural Vinyāsa 


 ~ Introducing my new Blog site, featuring Groundbreaking Articles and Online Courses on the Origins, History, and Evolution of Vinyāsa-based Postural Yoga ~

~ Based on Nine Years of Cutting-Edge Research into source Sanskrit Texts ~



I am so pleased to introduce my new blog,, where I’ll be sharing findings and revelations from my nine years of research into source texts on Haṭha Yoga as it evolved in the Tantric tradition.

Yogavidhi is a Sanskrit term meaning the “ritual sequence of Yoga.” This name is given in the ancient Tantras for the pan-Tantric daily Yoga ritual, from which all modern Asana-based systems of Vinyasa Yoga derive.

The ancient roots of all Vinyasa-based Yoga has been under attack in modern scholarship that has refused to look into the surviving corpus of Tantric texts. For nine years I have studied ancient Tantras and what I have discovered is simply extraordinary.


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