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’1,000 Names of Śāradā’

~ The Ritual ‘Yoga Practice’ of Kashmir’s Matron Goddess ~

(Śāradā Sahasra Nāma)


Edited and Translated by Christopher Tompkins from a single manuscript retrieved from Kashmir in 2012

Sharada, the very ‘Power’ (Shakti) of Awakening, personifies the renewing light of the waxing moon. Her Sacred Names embody every aspect of our humanity, and their recitation is imbued within a radical yoga practice that fearlessly teaches us how to transform ANY passing emotion/feeling into a powerful conduit for liberation.





My Edition and Translation of the ’1,000 Names of Śāradā Homa’ is now available for download! The English Translation comes with the original Sanskrit, and also with the Names of the Goddess rendered in proper ritual format (nāmāvalī) for all devotees perform, each preceded by her proper ‘seed’ (bīja) mantras. The Sanskrit of our text is available in transliteration or in Devanāgarī script (please request via

 This work is dedicated to Kashmir, whose matron Goddess Śāradā represents the very Spirit of Kashmir and Her People - 

“[Kashmir is] where the light of the autumn moon is celebrated amongst the people as the Auspicious Radiance of Goddess Śāradā. She who was pleased by the sweet reverence of Śāṇḍilya unites all of her people through their own magnanimous qualities.” -Śrī Abhinavagupta, ca. 1000 A.D. 

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$20 suggested donation to download the whole text + ritual.  FREE to all Kashmir Pandits. Please email me at to receive your free copy if you are part of a Pandit community. Contributions will help to further efforts to revive rituals sacred to Kashmir found amongst the 20,000+ manuscript scans that I retrieved from Srinagar in 2012, thanks to the success of the ‘Tantric Manuscript Preservation’ (TMAP) Campaign.  
This includes the revival of the ’1000 Names of another local, ancient Goddess Shārikā (the ‘Robin’), whose famous shrine is found in the center of Dal Lake in Shrinagar). Click here for more information on this upcoming project, slated for 2017.


To learn more about the Goddess Sharada, and our campaign to revive this  ritual please  peruse the videos below and/or visit our Indiegogo campaign fundraiser here.


“This universe is spread out by Her; this world is protected by Her… She alone is the Bestower of liberation. Shāradā  is the Goddess of the gods, the Supreme Wisdom, the  Great Mantra. Her nature is simply the supreme reality. I will teach the reward that is [most] sought after by Yoga practitioners: the devotional practice of Her 1,000 names, which must be preserved.” 
-Bhairava to Bhairavī, transcribed & translated from the manuscript scroll, above.


 ’1,000 Names of Sharada’ – presenting the manuscirpt before the Kashmir Pandit Community in East Stroudsburg, PA, 2013  - 


Article Review of the above event, by Shri Rakesh Kaul -




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