The Chakra System of the ‘Universal Mother’ Unveiled


~ A Course Download with Christopher Tompkins ~

~ Based on his groundbreaking translation of the ‘Chakra Scroll’ of Kashmir, housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), and as featured in Yoga: Art of Transformation ~


  “The Universal Mother is the Embodied power of  Universal Consciousness…who descends into the body as the Coiled-Up Power (Kuṇḍalinī Śakti) that grants liberation to yogins.”

-The Chakra Scroll of Kashmir 


Anāhata Chakra

Anāhata Chakra

Jagad Mātā (Universal Mother)

Jagad Mātā (‘Universal Mother’)



* The 50 Lost ‘Petal’ Goddesses of Chakras – removed from all Western sources in translation*, re-introduced for the first time in this course Click here to preview some of their empowering names.

* Lost Invocations for each of Chakras, translated from source text of the Westernized Chakra System. Click here for more.

* The first public revelation into the Shakti-based Chakra system and the Yogic science of the subtle body, as originally taught in the  Matriarchal Tantras 

* Th Descent of Kuṇḍalinī – Learn how the ‘Coiled Power’, once an active expression celebrating the divinity of Embodiment, was celebrated as a descending Power – as presented in the artwork of this beautiful scroll.

* Click Here to peruse video clips of this Course; includes over 10 hours of incredible teachings, presented in I-Movie Format 

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“Chakra Vinyāsa begins with the realization of the Universal Chakra, present everywhere as the ‘Jagad Mātā, the ‘Universal Mother,’ She who is the vibration of all creation.” -Shiva Rea.

shiva rea and chris


* Experience Shiva Rea’s Embodied Chakra Sādhana specifically innovated for this Chakra System (videos)! Learn inspiring daily practices, innovated by Shiva for each major Chakra of the Universal Mother!  Featuring lost Chakra invocations and much more!  -  click here.




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Background of this Teaching.

TheChakra System of the Universal Mother,’ a priceless find, is exquisitely preserved on a beautiful scroll, was re-discovered in 2012 by Christopher Tompkins in Kashmir.  This revelation contains a rich tapestry of empowering chakra symbolism and practices omitted from Western sources for the subtle body, and takes us far deeper into the known chakras (mūlādhāra, svādhisthāna, maṇipūra, anāhata, viśuddha, and ājnā) than any text available in translation today.

More information.

To view all  ’12 Chakras of the ‘Universal Mother’ system please click here.

 *  To read about the Discovery of  this lost Chakra System, unveiled in 2014 via two scrolls-  Please click here.

* For a Comparison of the 12 Chakras from our two scrolls -  please click here.

* Sample Translation - the Brahmara Chakra, ‘Domain of the Honey-Bee’ – please click here.

* The ‘Little Mothers’ Unveiled -Discover 50 forgotten Maternal Chakra Powers (Mātṛkā-śaktis) included in the ‘Universal Mother’ system but missing from the  Western source for the chakras; learn about the empowering, life-affirming practice that engaged them; Please click here.


Reviews of this course.

“Thank you, with all my heart, for revealing and imparting these much needed and incredible teachings; I don’t even know how to express my gratitude…the unveiling of the Chakras of the Universal Mother is utterly  ground  breaking.”– A.S.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that it this is being shared with us at the cutting edge of its newness! Thank you Chris Tompkins! Truly in awe.” – K.A.

Unveiling of the Cakras of the Universal Mother is ground  
breaking…..literally.” -A.S.

““While performing the Anahata chakra practice, I felt like a twirling dervish, primed to absorb transmission as my mind was set free from thought…thank you for sharing this spiritual jewel. My heart is soaring!”” -  M.H.



Jagad Mātā ('Universal Mother')

Jagad Mātā (‘Universal Mother’)



Jagad Mātā as Kuṇḍalinī Śakti

Jagad Mātā as Kuṇḍalinī Śakti