Introduction to Tantra

A Visual Journey


Christopher Tompkins



Part I: The Rise of Śakti: The Revolutionary Life-Affirming Teachings of Tantra  (60 min)

Part II: The Core lineages of Tantrik Śaivism: An Introduction (60 min)


 “Never before has there been an Introduction to Tantra like this: clear, intelligent, easy to follow, and for once  based on original sources…” – J.E., student

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You are invited on this unprecedented visual journey into the heart of Tantrik Śaivism, the life-affirming revolutionary spiritual movement of medieval India, whose  innovative rituals gave rise to Haṭha Yoga


    • Recorded live; Approximately 2 hours.
    • Accessible to all student levels
    • All teachings are drawn directly from source Tantric manuscripts (5th to 14th centuries A.D.)
    • Featuring passages translated here for the first time
    •   Includes rare imagery of source manuscripts, Tantric deities and Yāntra

Palm-leaf of the Kālottara Tantra with Kuṇḍalinī verse, ca. 6th century A.D.

Palm-leaf of the Kālottara Tantra with Kuṇḍalinī verse, ca. 6th century A.D.

“That Ancient Power, infused within the sun (piṅgalā channel), fire (suṣumnā channel), and moon (īḍā channel), is Kundalini. Situated in the region of the heart, She is to be visualized there as having the shape of a sprout.”

-Kālottara Tantra, (ca. 6th century), with the oldest known appearance of the word  ‘Kuṇḍalinī,’ 6 centuries before the first manual on Haṭha Yoga.

  More Course Reviews- “This was a wonderful Introduction to Tantra! I have now material to study and practice for a long time and the great opportunity to learn from Swami C. Tompkins combines with a technical facility for no native speakers (my case) to hear the recordings several times.” -  A.N.

“Amazing immersion.  My head is spinning.  I look forward to the next in-person immersion for nothing can take the place of presence.” -R.B.