History and Evolution of the Chakras and the Subtle Body 

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* Drawn from un-published translations of source Tantric texts * Featuring Stunning Subtle Body Manuscript Art, Revealed for the First Time * Four downloadable classes, 90 minutes each, 6 hours total*

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In all source Tantras, Chakras played a specific and pivotal role in the daily performance of the innovative Yoga Vinyāsa (‘Sequence of Yoga Practices’) that defined the Tantric tradition (ca. 500-1400 A.D.). Until now, our understanding of Chakras derives largely from a relatively recent translation of a 16th century ‘Hatha Yoga’ manual based on Tantras written centuries earlier. Unfortunately, it does not contain the core Vinyāsa of Yoga practices that informs its own chakra system, the sole function of which was to serve as an internal guide for this missing practice. As a result, the chakra system known to us today is effectively useless without it. Drawing from dozens of un-published Tantric texts, in this course Christopher  will finally reveals the critical role that Chakras played in the powerfully innovative Yoga that defined the Tantric tradition (ca. 500-1400 A.D.), one that inspired the embodied vinyāsa of our practice today.

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“The source power (Śhakti) who fuses together the sun and moon into fire is to be envisioned in the shape of a ‘Coiled’ (Kundalini) sprout within the region of the heart.” Kālottara Tantra, ca. 7th century, A.D.      






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Session I. The 100 Year History of the Western Chakra System.

  • Arthur Avalon’s Translation of the ‘System of Six Chakras’ in 1918
  • Carl Jung: the Father of our Chakra System and its reinvention through the lens of Western Psychology
  • The Western Appropriation of the Chakra System (Pros and Cons)
  • Re-discovering the Chakra System through previously lost source texts


 Session II. Mantra-Nyāsa: Attuning to the Sonic Powers (Shaktis) of the Subtle Body

  • The critical place of sacred sound in Tantric ‘Path of Mantras’ (Mantra-mārga)
  • The 5 elemental vowels of the Syllable AUṂ (OṂ)
  • The five correct seed (bīja) Mantras for our chakra system and why we’ve gotten them wrong
  • Preparation for Daily Yoga Practice: Invoking One’s Own Sonic Powers of Self-Realization (mantra-nyāsa)
  • An Introduction to Kundalini Shakti and Her pivotal role in daily yoga practice


Session III. The Forgotten Role of Chakras in the Daily Vinyāsa of Hatha Yoga

 * An introduction to the lost Vinyāsa (daily practice) original to the Chakra system inherited by the West, presented here for the first time, as drawn from the Kubjikā Tantra (ca. 11th century).

  •  Preparation for Daily Yoga Practice: Invoking One’s Own Sonic Powers of Self-Realization (mantra-nyāsa) – continued.
  • The ‘Inner Yoga Ritual’ (Antar-Yāga) and the Lost Sequences (Vinyāsa) of Tantric (Hatha) Yoga Practice, in Two Phases
  • Āsana, Prānāyāma, Pratyāhāra, Dhāranā, and Dhyāna in Tantric Yoga
  • The Sonic Ascent ofKundalinī and the ‘Purification of the Elemental Body’ (Bhūta śuddhi)
  • The Descent of Kundalini as the Nectar of Immortality


Session IV.  The Many Chakra Systems of Tantric (Hatha) Yoga: 500 A.D. to Present

* Cultivating a respectful Awareness for 1500 years of diverse exploration into the human subtle body temple * Chakras in Practice: The inextricable link between Chakras and the forgotten daily Yoga Vinyāsa of Tantric Shaivism



Student Reviews of this Course-

“Some serious ground breaking revelations. Thank you for your hard work and passion for teaching this.” –C.D.

“So much gratitude Chris! It’s so mind-blowing, I need to take breaks in between to process! This is a magnificent accomplishment.” – T.M.

“Chris, thank you so much for bringing this course to us – it is fascinating and so important, and I really appreciate how clearly you communicate.” –S.H.

“Thank you Chris, session 1 was great. I’m so glad you touched upon some of the myths that are going around about chakras which don’t have any historical backing. I always kringed when people are told there chakras are closed, or kundalini is dormant. Intuitively I knew that was not correct.” Namaste”- N.P.

“These stunningly rich visuals help me retain and hold the power of the words/translations more. Thank you.” – M.H.