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 Take an extraordinary journey into your own yogic heritage.


“Yoga is the direct means to perceive Reality.” -anonymous Sanskrit sūtra.

“When the mind is dissolved into the Self, the Embodied Person no longer experiences happiness as temporary, and pain that is lasting. That is Yoga.”Vaiśeṣika-sūtra.


 Learn how the extraordinary teachings and practices of the Yoga Tradition can directly inspire, enhance, and empower your own life. 
Immerse in the
richness and depth of Yoga as it evolved from its earliest ritual origins. Find your Self at the heart of  a community of truth-seekers which has been evolving for 3,000 years. Experience your own heart’s desire for lasting happiness and fulfillment in the exquisite teachings of awakened masters–men and women dedicated to the refinement of Yoga as a practice and way of life that is relevant to modern times.



* A Four Part Course of 6 sessions each, 24 sessions total * Accessible online through your computer, I-pad, or phone  * Can’t make it live? All recorded sessions will be available to all registrants within 24 hours * Registration through Samudra Global Yoga (click here).  


Each Session will feature-

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  • * A 90 minute darshana (‘insight’) session on translations from Yoga texts, with Christopher

* A Meditative practice to bring each session into experiential realization with Shiva



Part I.

Kindling the Heart Fire: The Vedic Origins of Yoga Vinyāsa

 (3000 B.C. to 100 B.C.)

  Six Wednesday evening sessions *  Oct 29th to  Jan. 14th *

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Part II.

Yoga Darshana: The Evolution of Classical Yoga

 (300 B.C. – 350 A.D.)

Six Wednesday sessions; Jan. 21st to Feb 25th

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Part III.

Tantric Yoga Unveiled: A Radical Innovation

(4th to 14th centuries A.D.)

Six Wednesday evening sessions;  March 4th to April 8th

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Part IV.

The Post-Tantric Evolution of Hatha Yoga Vinyāsa

(13th century to present)

Six Wednesday evening sessions – April 15th to May 20th

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Tantric Sarasvatī, 11th Century


What Students can Expect  from this Course.

* The most comprehensive teaching on the History of Yoga ever designed for modern practitioners.

Tantra. The first ‘History of Yoga’ Course ever to accurately reveal the central role of Tantra in the Evolution of Yoga.

*The Lost Vinyāsa of original Hatha Yoga practice, drawn from un-published Tantric texts.

*Life-changing wisdom and innovative practices spanning the Yoga Tradition’s 4,000 year history, presented in language accessible to all students

* Original  translations from the Sanskrit by Christopher of source texts of the Yoga tradition, 60% of which are currently un-published.

*An engaging course manual with readings that reflect the most accurate scholarship on the Yoga tradition to date; featuring beautiful manuscript artwork never before revealed

* Facebook feedback and discussion with Shiva, Chris, and friends worldwide

*  ‘The Evolution of Yoga as Embodied Ritual’ – presentations by Shiva Rea from her groundbreaking new book: Tending the Heart Fire