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 Introduction to the History and Evolution of ‘Vinyāsa’



Christopher Tompkins and Shiva Rea


A  3 hour MP3 download, featuring the first 2 sessions of our online course-

‘The History and Evolution of Yoga Vinyāsa’



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Topics of this Recording.

  • The Meaning of “Vinyāsa” within the Embodied Ritual of Yoga: an Overview
  • Macrocosm and Microcosm: our eternal ‘connection’ (Yoga) to the Divine
  • The Song of the Goddess: The Transformative Power of Mantra in Vedic Ritual
  • Beyond the Gods: the Search for the Universal ‘Self’ in the late Vedas
  • Keshins (‘Long-haired Ones’) and Tapasvins (‘Heat Embodiers’)
    – the Story of the Earliest Yogins


Vancouver head shot copy 2Shiva head shotFeaturing-

    *  60 minutes of darshana (philosophy, teachings) with  translations from core  texts, with Christopher

* 30 minutes of meditation to bring teachings into experiential realization, with Shiva


“The pulsation of Vinyasa is a relationship to the breath cycle that ripples out into the sequencing of consciousness, synching all cycles with the deeper pulse of breath-awareness.” –Shiva Rea

Vinyasa is the sacred ritual of self-discovery and self-love, a devotional practice born from timeless, wordless sounds arising through one’s devoted heart in the form of sacred movement”. –Christopher Tompkins

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What Students are saying about these sessions.

“A life changer.”-TN

“The first two sessions really resonated with me and filled me with awe and wonder.” – VB

“The first 2 sessions stood out to me the most – the oldest daily ritual sadhanas that were described as ‘rhythmic, flowing’ – as the dance of karanas (poses). –MB

“Chris and Shiva, I am a little bit stunned and completely blown away by the beauty and profundity of these ancient texts.” – HA

“Dearest Chris and Shiva!! Pranams to you both for the profound insight and experiential wisdom imbued in these potent offerings from the heart.” – CW

“I am in love with how the meaning of each verse is unveiled with so much potency and sacred juice and most of all deep inside of me i feel a resonance which seems to make so much sense!” -JS