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Now available through Valentines day only!  

 The Tantric Path of Love: Cultivating Nourishing Relationships 

An Audio Download (90 min)

with Christopher Tompkins and Hareesh Wallis

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Featuring -

* The Wisdom of legendary Kashmir Tantric Masters, including Kṣhemarāja, the ‘Stanzas on Vibration,’ Poetess Lallā; insights from Ron Tompkins, Chris’ Father, Yogī, and a gifted Relationship Counselor.

* The truth about Tantra and sexuality – it’s not what you think, and  far more meaningful than what we’ve been taught! An introduction to the incredible wisdom and  practices found in the un-published Tantric sexual ritual by Kashmir Sage Abhinava Gupta, who teaches us the life-changing divine path of intimacy. 



Amriteshvara - the 'Deathless Nectar of the Divine'  by Ekabhumi.

Illustration by Ekabhumi.

“As one looks into the eyes of someone beautiful and realizes that they are mirrors of each other, the state of spiritual liberation is at hand, as one becomes no longer bound by appearances.”

– Shrī Vīranātha, 10th century, Kashmir

“I bid farewell to my former love, ‘Delusion’; for I no longer need her. Alas! Her poor heart is struck with sadness (over the breakup) because her affection for me is intense and endless. Now, I devote my affection to my new lover: ‘Fulfillment’, whom I discovered in that Great Surge of Śiva which is difficult to acquire…”

– Shrī Nāga, 11th century, Kashmir

“I am the Divine. I am nothing else. I am not a receptacle for sorrow, for I am the Absolute alone. I am made of Being, Consciousness, and Bliss. My truest home is my highest Self, Who is forever free.” -Anonymous Tantric quotation

“When immersed in your own sweet truth, your home becomes everywhere, for there is nowhere, no-one, and nothing that Shiva is not.”   - Lallā,  Tantric Poetess of Kashmir.