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Featuring  courses taught by Christopher Tompkins and special guests, all recorded live.  These often include a visual live stream that allows you to experience beautiful imagery such as text translations, deity imagery, and rare Sanskrit manuscripts.






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History and Evolution of the Chakras and the Subtle Body 

* Drawn from un-published translations of source Tantric texts * Featuring Stunning Subtle Body Manuscript Art, Revealed for the First Time * Four downloadable classes, 90 minutes each, 6 hours total*

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The rise of Hamsa in Ucchāra practice

















Chakra System of the ‘Universal Mother’ Unveiled

~ Based on Chris’ groundbreaking translation of the ‘Chakra Scroll’ of Kashmir, housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), and as featured in Yoga: Art of Transformation ~

Now On Sale for 0nly $108.00 (regular price is $135.00)! Click here for details.

Anāhata Chakra

Jagad Mātā (Universal Mother)

Sahasra-dala, 'Lotus of 1,000 Petals'














Other Course Downloads now available for a limited time (click each title for details) - 

* Introduction to Tantra: A Visual Journey

* History and Evolution of Yoga ‘Vinyāsa’ (with Shiva Rea) 

* The Accessible Yoga Sūtra 

 * The Descent of Shakti

* ‘Wisdom of Tantra’ Series

* Tantric Origins of Sūrya Namaskāra: a Preview