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Featuring  courses taught by Christopher Tompkins and special guests, all recorded live.  These often include a visual live stream that allows you to experience beautiful imagery such as text translations, deity imagery, and rare Sanskrit manuscripts.






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By purchasing any of my courses, you will be directly supporting me in my efforts to finish my PhD this Fall, on ‘The Tantric Origins of Kuṇḍalinī.’  Please click here to find out more about my PhD and to receive regular updates.

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The rise of Hamsa in Ucchāra practice















 Course Download PhD Sale (through October)  (click each title for details) - 

* Introduction to Tantra: A Visual Journey

* History and Evolution of Yoga ‘Vinyāsa’ (with Shiva Rea) 

* The Accessible Yoga Sūtra 

 * The Descent of Shakti

* ‘Wisdom of Tantra’ Series

* Tantric Origins of Sūrya Namaskāra: a Preview