Chakra #2 – Mūlādhāra



“The second chakra is [called] ‘foundation’ (ādhāra). Its location is the area of the anus (i.e. perenium). Its color is red. Its divinity is Gaṇeśa. Its [animal] vehicle is a mouse. Its sage is the Tortoise. The presiding wind (vāyu) is apāna. The  Power (śakti) is ‘She who Increases Fulfillment’ (Siddhi-Vṛddhi), whose temperment is that of stirred up excitement. The [presiding] sage is a tortoise. The pose [performed here] is curling up at the root (mūlabandha)…


Chakra #2  Ādhāra ('Root Base'). Location: Perenium.  Māṭṛkās: 4 (below).

Chakra #2 Ādhāra (‘Foundation’). Location: Perenium. Mātṛkās: 4 (below).


 “…Four sonic measures (syllables) correspond to four petals. There are four Goddesses who represent these:

1. ‘She who is bliss’ (Ānandā) is vaṃ (bottom petal);

2. ‘She who is the Bliss of Union’ (Yogānandā) is the syllable śaṃ (left petal);

3. ‘She who is a Hero’s Bliss (Vīrānandā) is the syllable ṣaṃ (top petal);

4. ‘She who is the Supreme Bliss of Śrī’ (Śrī-param-ānandā) is the syllable saṃ (right petal);

The one performing internal pūjā makes offerings by generating [the mantra] ‘so’haṃ’ (via prāṇāyāma). ‘I (Jagad Mātā) am honored as the sensual experiences, beginning at this chakra with smell (gandha).’”



name: ādhāra cakraṃ

location: perenium

color: red

divinity (devatā): Gaṇeśa

śakti (presiding power): ‘She who Increases Prosperity’ (Siddhi-vṛddhiḥ)

ṛṣi: Tortoise (Kūrma)

vāhana: mouse

wind: apāna

sensual experience: smell (gandha)

petals: 4

syllables (mātrāḥ): vaṃ śaṃ ṣaṃ saṃ

Mātṛkās, or Petal Goddesses of the above letters, in due order –

Ānandā (south) Yogānandā (west)  Vīrānandā (north)  Śrī-paramānandā (east)