Chakra #3 – Svādhiṣṭhāna translation

Chakra #3 - Svādhiṣṭhāna ('Her Favorite Locale'). Location: genitals. Mātṛkā Goddesses: 6.

Chakra #3 – Svādhiṣṭhāna (‘Her Favorite Locale’). Color: white. Location: genitals. Mātṛkā Goddesses: 6.


 Translation (above).

Key: [brackets] supply words suggested by but not explicitly found in the text. (parentheses) supply the Sanskrit in the text for the preceding English term


“The third center is ‘Her Favorite Resort.’ Its location is the genitals. Its color is the flow of consciousness (white). It contains the letter  ‘A-’ [in AUṂ]. It presiding sage is Varuṇa (Water). Its divinity is Brahmā (four-headed creator god). Its Veda is the Rig.  Its power is the Solar Goddess [Sāvitrī*], for at this location in the physical body there is a fire born from the womb – the fire of desire.

“Speech [at this chakra] is ‘Differentiated’ (vaikarī), correlated to the state of waking consciousness (jāgrat).  

 “The release [of semen] is triggered by the Goddess, who is the Mistress of the Penis, the [power] 

of its ejaculation, the fertile Ground [vagina] in which it is released, and the very act of lovemaking itself.”

“The vehicle is the swan. There are six petals, corresponding to six syllables – baṃ, bhaṃ, maṃ, yaṃ, raṃ, and laṃ — and six syllable Goddesses [Mātṛkās] –

“Desire” (Kāmā), “She who has Eyes of Lust,” (Kāmākṣā), “She who Embodies the Heat (of Lovemaking – Tejasvinī),  “She Who is Orgasmic Joy,” “She who is the Activity (of new life –  Ceṣṭā),” and  “She who is Lovemaking (itself – Mithunā).”

“The one performing internal pūjā makes offerings by generating [the mantra] ‘so’haṃ’ (via prāṇāyāma). I (Jagad Mātā) am honored as the sensual experiences, beginning with smell (gandha).”



name: Svādhiṣṭhāna, ‘Her (Jagad Mātṛ) favorite locale’

number: chakra #3

location: genitals

color: white? (cidrasa)

divinity (devatā): Brahmā

presiding power (śakti): Sāvitrī* – both the Goddess of the Sun (in the Rig Veda) and the Sanskrit metre of this name

letter  in AUṂ – ‘A’

quality (guṇa): passion (rajas)

sage (ṛṣi):  Water (Varuṇa)

vehicle (vāhana): swan (haṃsa)

level of speech (vācā) – objective, differentiated (vaikarī)

wind (prāṇa-vāyu): none at this chakra.

sensual experience (tanmātra): taste

petals (dalāḥ): 6

syllables (mātrā), moving clockwise: baṃ (bottom petal), bhaṃ, maṃ, yaṃ (top petal), raṃ, laṃ (bottom right petal).



Mātkās – Maternal Goddess Powers Personifying the Syllables of this Chakra, clockwise from lowest petal.

KaKu6 3

  1. “She who is Desire (Kāmā)” – baṃ (lowest petal)
  2. “She who is the Wheel of Lust (Kāmākṣā)” – bhaṃ
  3. “She who Embodies the Heat (of Lovemaking – Tejasvinī)” – maṃ
  4. “She who is the Thrill (of Lovemaking –Ullāsā)” – yaṃ (top petal)
  5. “She who is the Activity (of new life -  Ceṣṭā)” – raṃ
  6. “She who is Lovemaking (itself – Mithunā)” – laṃ (bottom right petal)