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“This is a liberated being: one who experiences reality as divine. That experience is the fulfillment of the awakened ones, known as embodied liberation.” -Śrī Abhinava Gupta




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Sūrya Namaskāra: Ancient Roots of Yoga Vinyāsa

- an Indiegogo campaign to fund the first publication on the evolution Sūrya Namaskāra as a core daily practice of Hatha Yoga (ca. 800-1828 A.D.), drawn from dozens of ancient source texts.


My 30 Day Campaign is Underway – and Needs Your Support!




I am launching this campaign to fund the first of a two-volume series, the first publication to present the roots and evolution of Sūrya Namaskāra as an ancient Yoga practice, based on my  nine years of in-depth research into hundreds of Sanskrit texts.

By contributing to and sharing this campaign, you’ll join me at the ground-breaking level as we rediscover and reveal to the world the heritage of modern Vinyāsa-based Yoga, practiced by millions of people today.



Please visit our main campaign link by clicking here, and please share and spread the word! 

Take Advantage of our Many Wonderful ‘Perks’ or Gifts of Thanks for your generous Pledge, on our main Campaign link (right side of page), now Available!


‘Perks’ include- 

* Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa Flow 7 Day Teacher Training with Shiva Rea, at one of several exciting locations, in 2017!

* ‘Wisdom of Tantra’ Download Series, with Christopher Tompkins

* The Asanas of Krishnamacharya – The first Vinyasa Sequences of the Mysore School ever revealed from ancient Sanskrit Sources (Peacock Pose Sequence, Headstand Sequence, and Shoulder stand Sequence)

* The Yoga Ritual of Namaskāra – A Course Download with Shiva Rea & C. Tompkins

 *  ‘Mythic Yoga Flow and the Dark Goddess’ – a Course Download with Sianna Sherman * and many more!








Experience the profound wisdom of Tantric Masters, translated directly from un-published texts and presented in simple language.

Discover how the timeless, life-affirming teachings of Tantra can serve as a direct means to self-healing and deep transformation to help face the challenges of everyday life.

Cultivate the power of your own intuitive insight (pratibhā) to illuminate your path to freedom and awakening.


“I am the Divine. I am nothing else. I am not a receptacle for sorrow, for I am the Absolute alone. I am made of Being, Consciousness, and Bliss. My truest home is my highest Self, Who is forever free.” -Tantric quote (Click here to hear the Sanskrit)



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